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It's easy to play my kid's songs online.

Just click on the songs below and join in the sing along fun.

  Hello Song  Tidy Up Song

 Hello Song Image  Tidy Up Song

  Birthday Song.  The Bubbles Song.  Silly Cat.

  One Little Gator.  I like To Sleep - Lullaby.


 I’m sure you’ve noticed that when we sing we feel better about ourselves and even our problems don’t seem so bad.

It’s a common bond that we all have, our favorite sing along songs will lift our spirits, no matter what our age or where we live.

So why is music such a powerful force in our lives ?
Lets look at a few topics where singing songs actually
helps us.

Music helps us to learn, I still use the “Alphabet Song” when I’m looking for something that is alphabetized.

I also use songs to teach young students how to write short stories.

Music therapy is a well respected practice that has a proven track record. Patients in hospital respond well to musicians performing at their bedside.

Expressing emotions through song is a very therapeutic process. Music can help us to relax or fire us up (motivate).

Sometimes the words of a song sum up exactly what we are feeling or what we want to say.

Certain songs can instantly take us back to an event or an emotion that took place years ago.

The list doesn’t stop there, but for now I think you get the idea that singing and music have this ability to enrich our lives well beyond it being just a piece of music.

But it doesn’t really matter how much we analyze our favorite sing along songs, it isn’t until we actually join in and sing (or just listen) that we get the benefits.

One more important thing about “music medicine” there are no known negative side effects.

So lets sing! Even better, lets teach our kids to sing along, it will make them and us feel a whole lot better.

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